The Christian life and walk embraces the whole of the Christian world view, the Christian calling to practical godliness, and the fundamental institutions of life such as the home and marriage. While many of these matters are of very practical significance, they are first of all rooted in the gospel. The Christian life must be founded on the cross, the truths of sin and grace, and of righteousness and life in Christ.

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Antithetical Issues

This aspect of the antithesis addresses the practical application of the doctrine to specific issues. These are issues which every Christian must face and consider before the Lord. They are matters of what is sin and what is the way of godliness.


Home and Family

The subject of the Christian family, marriage and children, is vital to the spiritual life of the people of God and to the spiritual welfare of the church of Christ. God gathers His church in the generations of believers, sets His grace in families, and builds, in His wisdom, a believer's home. The Word of God addresses every aspect of the Christian family.

While this subject is a very practical one it is also important to understand its doctrinal foundation. How you view your home, family and marriage also shapes your understanding of your calling before God and walk in this aspect of life.

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Christian Marriage

The Word of God concerning marriage, which God instituted in creation, is very comprehensive. It defines the nature of marriage as an unbreakable bond of union in which two are made one. It sets forth the design, glory, and purpose of marriage. The same Word of God speaks extensively and consistently concerning the corruption of marriage. Jesus likewise speaks often of marriage, including the issues of divorce and remarriage. This is an area which requires careful study.

The Christian church and believers need to hear what that Word of God is and to take seriously both the doctrine and the practice which flow from it. For marriage is under assault as never before. A church that does not stand on the Scriptures in this area destroys itself and the spiritual life of its members.